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low carb meal plan

Meal Plan

Celebrate veggies, fruits, beans and more with delicious meals that don't compromise on taste and flavour.

This plan aims to provide you with a high protein meals which will you help you stay full for longer.
It replaces starchy carbohydrates with high in fiber heart-healthy carbohydrates.

Why low-carb meal plan?

Eat only what your body needs.

Fuel yourself with high protein and high fiber meals

Don't be hungry, be healthy.

Helps you control your appetite and stay full for longer

Reach your body goals.

Perfect plan for the muscle mass gain and fat loss goal

Need help finding a meal plan that suits you?

Sample Menu

A day with Prep & Co


egg muffins with chicken sausage

Egg Muffins with Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and Cheese

morning snack

crab lettuce wrap

Crab Lettuce Wrap


beef shawarma plate

Beef Shawarma Plate

evening snack

choco vanilla protein balls

Choco-Vanilla Protein Balls


chicken skewers with sumac hummus

Chicken Skewers with Sumac Hummus

Over 120 weekly recipes to pick from.

You will never get bored of your meal plan with Prep & Co's wide variety of dishes.

Get your free nutrition consultation today.

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