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international meal plan

International Meal Plan

Our most popular meal plan with a wide range of all meal types. Stay on track and reach your goals with our standard plan.

Most known as a standard diet/ healthy eating. It doesn’t eliminate any of the macronutrients from your diet plan, which will help you achieve your goals without depriving yourself from the food you love.

Why international meal plan?

You are not on a diet.

It’s not a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle

Maintain your perfect body.

Stay on track without any deprivation

Just like how you are used to.

Moderation is the key for long term results

Need help finding a meal plan that suits you?

Sample Menu

A day with Prep & Co


pesto caprese toast

Pesto Caprese Toast

morning snack

vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


chicken fajita

Chicken Fajita

evening snack

blueberry and acai chocolate balls

Blueberry and Acai Chocolate Balls


dijon salmon with black rice

Dijon Salmon with Black Rice

Over 120 weekly recipes to pick from.

You will never get bored of your meal plan with Prep & Co's wide variety of dishes.

Get your free nutrition consultation today.

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